Things to Know Regarding Cell Tower Leases


Keep in mind that it can be difficult to actually negotiate for the cell tower lease when you as well as the legal representative that you have isn’t quite familiar with the telecom language. How can you be sure that the real cell tower rate that you get is of fair market value? There are many lawyers out there who are not quite knowledgeable of the cell tower leasing contracts or they are not able to help you about how to get the most cash from the cellular carriers.

When you aren’t familiar with the cell business and its lingo, then there can be a few things that may arise. That cellular company would convince you to agree to such terms that may actually not make you satisfied. Also, your attorney would push you out of a deal. Also, the cellular company may no longer go for making a deal with you.

With these situations, you aren’t getting such fair cellular tower leases agreement. Well, what you must understand regarding the cell tower lease rates is that those cell phone providers would rather want you, being the property owner, kept in the dark. It is very important to know that their site acquisition contractors are actually getting big bonuses because of being able to implement such cellular tower leases that are below the fair market value. When those terms of the lease are really favorable to the cell carrier, then the leasing agent would get an even higher bonus. If you are paid less for the contract, then the agents are getting even higher bonuses.

You must know that you are living in a capitalist economy, and such is the reason that this is becoming a common practice these days. But, when you like to be sure that you can get the best rate for the lease ,then there are a few things that you need to understand about this great opportunity.

In a lot of cases, the property owners would ask the cellular site specialist to provide them with comparative cell tower rates for their location. But, be aware that the cellular companies are also making use of the comparative pricing so that they will be able to convince you that you are actually asking for a lot. To gain more knowledge on the importance of cellular tower, visit

For such reason, the best thing that you can actually do is that you must not trust the cell tower leasing contract in the hands of that standard legal counsel or those lawyers from the cellular company. What you should do is that you must get an honest help from one who is really an expert or is specializing in such cell tower lease. It is best that you would hire an experienced negotiator when it comes to cell tower rates. Visit Website here!


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